water based concrete admixture

Cement is the second most consumed material globally, only next to water. However, the use of cement has contributed to up to 8% of global CO2 emissions. According to a 2020 report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), promoting material efficiency of cement could be a key strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Terracarb’s water-based graphene admixture allows for an easy and frictionless method to incorporate graphene as a sustainable reinforcement additive in concrete. The use of Terracarb’s Graphene based admixtures can increase strength, durability and enable in reduction of materials usage, effectively reducing the carbon footprint. 

To meet the needs of certain non standard specifications in unique projects, Liquid dispersions can be developed upon request to find the best architectural solution depending upon the usage and materials.

The graph below indicates that the concrete prepared with Terracarb’s admixture was found to exhibit 55% increase in the compressive strength after 28 days, when tested according to Indian standards (IS: 516-1959).

Disperses well with water-based formulations Frictionless integration of Graphene with concrete
Stronger and lighter concrete structures Increase in effective carpet area

Reduction in use of cement and reinforcements

Lower carbon footprint
Reduction in water permeation and chloride ingress Increase in service life of concrete