Disruption through Sustainable Innovation


What we do

Terracarb is an Indian deep science enterprise working toward democratizing the use of Graphene. The company’s proprietary circular-economy driven production process enables the production of Graphene in metric ton scale, overcoming conventional challenges related to consistent quality, scalability and sustainability.

Large-scale adoption of Graphene could enable in unparalleled energy efficiency and technology-driven innovation, across the manufacturing sector.

Graphene powder

Graphene in powder form with tailored chemical composition, catering to different markets

Graphene dispersions, inks, paste

Stable dispersion/paste of Graphene for application in coating formulations and composites

Product development consultancy

R&D assistance with end to end support for frictionless integration of Graphene in different products

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Terracarb Private limited,
Fourth Floor, J Block, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Park, PSG College of Technology,
Tamilnadu – 641004

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