About US


To develop circular-economy driven
eco-friendly processes, for large-scale manufacturing of Graphene, thereby enabling the creation of a self-sustainable and pollution-free world.


To become the global leader in pyrolysis-based manufacturing of Graphene, thereby creating lasting value to our customers and other stakeholders.

Graphene is one of the most versatile materials known to humanity. In addition to the enormous technological advances possible due to the exquisite properties of Graphene, it could also help in attaining several sustainable development goals (SDG) set by the United Nation. Terracarb’s innovation in Graphene production has been possible due to our excellent R&D team, which has more than ten years of industrial and academic experience in Carbon Nanomaterials. Hence, you could be assured of our expertise in delivering advanced material-based solutions, as per the specific needs of your industry.

Besides, Terracarb’s Graphene is tested as per the guidelines from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK. These standard protocols involve multi-step characterization and validation, ensuring the production of high-quality Graphene.

You can view the FORM MGT-7A by clicking here.